Health, safety and environment

Wherever we operate, whether in developed markets or emerging ones, promoting the health and safety of our employees is a value and a fundamental objective for us.

We have implemented effective mechanisms to help our employees prevent potentially serious accidents and health problems. We offer resources such as communication and risk assessment programs, which help employees and their families to set healthy limits and maintain an appropriate balance between work, health and personal life.

Health and safety issues vary from site to site, but our commitment to completely eliminating accidents and occupational diseases remains constant.

This commitment is central to our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy. The Policy and the system help us better manage HSE risks and foster an accident-free culture.

Our HSE board develops a corporate-wide HSE strategy. The board reports to senior management and implements action plans that correspond to its policies, directives and objectives. External auditors conduct HSE legal compliance assessments on a yearly basis.

The HSE management system standards require that we review our HSE Policy periodically to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate for the company. Since 2011, we have had our HSE Policy reviewed every year to determine whether amendments are required in light of suggestions for improvement that are given.

Our health and safety track record

We have given HSE high priority in recent years in our plants and offices—with impressive results. The frequency of accidents at Groupe Berlie-Falco is now below the industry average. The group continues to have a good track record and remains determined to reach its objective of zero accidents through systematic improvements.

To reach our goal of creating an accident-free culture, we must raise awareness about safety at all levels of the company. Monitoring our key health and safety performance indicators is fundamental in this regard.

In addition to monitoring and reporting on the number and seriousness of accidents, we decided in 2011 to track the rate of serious and minor accidents, including occupational diseases, temporary assignments and medical problems to help us implement a rigorous accident reduction process.

Reporting of serious or major HSE incidents

We have instituted a directive obliging all our facilities to systematically share information on serious or major accidents. To prevent similar events from recurring and to optimize the sharing of best practices, the results of inquiries, corrective measures and action plans are shared internally according to a communication plan included in the directive.

“We are confident that our attention to issues of health, safety and environment is a fundamental sign of the respect we have for our employees and their families. Given our status as a global company, our managers must set an example and demonstrate their commitment to following the same standards of health, safety and environment, wherever we operate.”

Marc Regnaud and Bertrand Blanchette, Co-Presidents

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

Groupe Berlie-Falco considers HSE to be a fundamental responsibility of the company and a value that governs all its activities.

Our principles

We are constantly watching out for the protection of our employees against occupational diseases and workplace accidents and working to promote their overall well-being. Other ongoing priorities for us include improving the environmental track record of our operations and products and gradually implementing an overall life cycle approach to product design, while remaining competitive.

Our commitments

To apply these principles, we make the following commitments and require that our staff at all levels adhere to them.

  1. INTEGRATE these principles into our operations using a life cycle approach.
  2. COMPLY with standards established by laws, regulations and other applicable requirements. Exceed these requirements where possible and adopt any standards, procedures, emergency measures and systems that may be required to manage our operations in a sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly manner.
  3. ACT appropriately to protect the health of our employees and prevent all occupational diseases and workplace accidents.
  4. TAKE MEASURES to prevent pollution and mitigate climate change, ensure the conservation and wise use of the natural resources and energy needed for our operations, and implement the relevant emergency plans and procedures.
  5. SHARE our commitment to improving our health, safety and environment track record with our managers, employees and entrepreneurs, and provide them with training that suits their needs.
  6. MAKE THIS POLICY AVAILABLE to all stakeholders and interested parties, raise awareness about health, safety and environment issues and promote good health, safety and environment practices, including the implementation of management systems all along the supply chain.
  7. SYSTEMATICALLY EVALUATE our performance in health, safety and environment through audits, and report achievements to stakeholders and interested parties.


Doha, Qatar (Middle East)

35,000 kg of treated sludge per hour: one of the world’s biggest projects!

McAuslan Brewery, Montreal (Canada)

Project covering almost all the brewing equipment, from the receipt of grain to conditioning tanks

Osisko, Malartic (Canada)

Equipment realized using the CombinOx technology, a leading edge cyanide destruction process, used to detoxify the cyanide in milled ore

Danone, Boucherville (Canada)

Supply of several milk silos and cream processors with various types of agitator

Laval, Canada

Drying system designed for a nominal evaporative capacity of 5 metric tons per hour



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