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Low temperature belt dryer

Turnkey Projects Installations

Impressive advantages

  • Lower capital and operation costs
  • Drying at low temperature using waste heat
  • Quick start and stop operations
  • Simple to operate
  • Safe and enclosed
  • Compact units

Low Temperature Belt Dryer

Reliable equipment – Useful and ecological end product

  • Easy maintenance
  • Produces homogeneous, regular and dust free products
  • Cost savings in transport and landfill disposals
  • Great GHG reduction

Low Temperature Belt Dryer - Reliable Equipment - Useful - Ecological

Superior results

The Bristol Waste Water Treatment Works in Avonmouth, UK, operates since 2008 a belt dryer evaporating approximately 3 tons of water per hour heated with steam that is heated by exhaust gases from generators. The sludge to be dried comes from an advanced anaerobic digestion and its biogas is used in the generators to make electricity. The final dried product is broken down to desired sizes to be used as a Class A fertilizer.

Low temperature belt dryer

0,2 to 6,0 tons of water evaporation per hour

Worldwide references

These belt drying systems are manufactured in Canada and Europe for worldwide applications. Berlie Technologies Inc. provides sales, fabrication, installation and commissioning. Main territory and sectors include sewage sludge, food wastes and biomass drying in North, South and Central America.

Advanced technology

High performance control technology maintains uniformity of heat distribution and product levels and purpose-built granulator and feeding system ensure the product is brought gently and homogenously into the dryer.

System configuration

Low Temperature Belt Dryer - System Configuration

Performance in product quality

Low Temperature Belt Dryer - Performance in Product Quality

Energy savings and recovery

  • Making best use of biogas by allowing those to be used for power generation and then recovering exhaust gases for low temperature drying.
  • Ideal for low temperature drying of sludge and biomass using recycled steam, hot water or thermal oil.

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