Jean Charest visits Groupe Berlie-Falco’s facilities

On August 20 of this year, Premier Jean Charest visited Groupe Berlie-Falco’s factory during a campaign stop at La Prairie.

Mr. Charest took this opportunity to announce additional investments of $375 million over five years in support of small and medium manufacturing businesses in Quebec. According to Mr. Charest, innovation, exportation and eco-responsibility are the contributing factors to growth in the manufacturing sector. He also insisted on the importance of marketing innovative products and processes internationally.

As such, Groupe Berlie-Falco has been expanding internationally for a long time and has delivered turnkey projects in the United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The company’s exports outside of Canada represent more than 50% of its sales figures. Its quality projects enable it to meet the high standards of purchasing countries and to continue its conquest of world markets in biosolids and organic residuals treatment. This includes anaerobic digestion, which involves high performance anaerobic digestion technology, and biosolids and sludge dewatering and drying.

The importance of eco-responsibility

Mr. Charest also announced a $25 million annual investment solely for companies that market eco-responsible products or green technologies. A leader in eco-responsibility, Groupe Berlie-Falco designs, manufactures and installs specialized processes and equipment that enable companies to meet desired environmental standards. Moreover, a large portion of the company’s sales figures comes from the sale of environment-related systems. The full range of technologies offered by Groupe Berlie-Falco, whether for water or sludge treatment, falls perfectly within the scope of current government eco-responsibility policies.